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Welcome to XIVIXY ARK. We hope you have a good time on the server. We hope to see you soon!



We chose Ragnarok as the main map because it is very popular in our community for its size and diversity.

XP x2
Harvest x5
Taming x2
Mating interval x0.3
Mating Speed x2
Egg Hatch Speed x10
Baby Mature Speed x35


We have six different cluster maps where you can prove that you and your group are the best tribe.

The Center
Crystal Isles
The Island



  • Microphone is required if you cant figure out how to get this working, ask an admin for assistance.

Not Allowed

  • Inappropriate names will be changed by an admin to something they see fit.
  • Selling dinos and buying dinos, items, serviced for real money are strictly prohibited, doing so will result in a ban.
  • Glitching is forbidden, if an admin sees a base buildt in a mesh it will result in a complete structure wipe.
  • Chat Abuse spamming, abusive capslock, advertisement or offensive language in chats.
  • Insiding joining a tribe with harmfull intentions such as stealing dinos or giving away base locations will result in a ban.
  • Extinction Titans are tamable but may not be transferred to other servers or used for base raids.
  • Inactive tribes their bases will be wiped after 7 days of inactivity.

Forbidden Build Locations

If an admin gets a report of your base being in a forbidden location, the entire base wil be wiped instantly.

  • Underwater Caves
  • Artifact Caves
  • Nest Locations
  • Base Blocking (e.g. Tek forcefield to block a door)


We use Discord to communicate with each other.


  • Respect each other. Don't say anything to each other that you wouldn't say to your mom.
  • Discrimination, racism and sexism are not allowed.
  • Spamming is not allowed.
  • Advertising is not allowed.
  • Unnecessary tagging of Staff members is not allowed.
  • Listen Don't be a smartass.